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Cellar Chat: Wines Til Sold Out, an Interview with Julie Blout

Cellar Chat: Wines Til Sold Out, an Interview with Julie Blout

The hunt for the holy grail of wine can be just as thrilling as actually tasting it for the first time. When you find that special vintage, or that bottle that’s only produced in small quantities, you go from just drinking wine to having an experience. Julie Blount of Wines Til Sold Out, the leader in Wine flash sale sites, knows this feeling all too well and relishes in it. With over 25 million bottles sold and access to an extensive wine network, Wines Til Sold Out is changing the wine sale world one bottle at a time. Learn more from Julie about Wines Til Sold Out in our latest Cellar Chat.

Coravin: Julie, what is your role at WTSO? What made you fall in love with the world of wine?

Wines Til Sold Out:
We all wear many hats. And because of that, we’re always helping each other accomplish the company’s goals — that’s what drew me into the company to begin with. So while I primarily focus on customer-driven projects, my role is not cemented to certain set of responsibilities.

Ever since day one, I’ve gravitated toward building relationships with customers. Myself and my team are very focused on creating the best online shopping experience for each individual customer. The sky’s the limit for how far we will go to make sure our customers are satisfied, which is why we have a 100% guarantee on our wines and service.

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with wine shortly after starting at WTSO. I feel like it is one of those things that is a great conversation piece and really gives people something to socialize and bond over. I could talk for hours to some of our customers about the flavor profiles of wine. I can’t even count how many wonderful relationships wine has helped create in my personal and professional life, and I’m looking forward to even more.

Collection of bottles of wine on wooden cases

C: What is WTSO all about? What makes WTSO different than auction or other online retailers?

WTSO: We’re a flash sale website, where only one wine is featured for sale at any given time. For the customer, this provides an opportunity to purchase quality wines at a discounted price, without having to sort through many wines that they are not interested in. For wineries, we provide maximum exposure for their wine and brand for a limited amount of time. It’s a much less arduous process then going through the traditional distribution/retail network and allows a winery to get their product immediately into the hands of consumers.

C: WTSO founders Joe and Elliot started the now global wine network of wineries and retailers that makes WTSO one of the premier wine sale websites. Can you share more about the network and how other wineries can get involved?

WTSO: Any winery that would like to have a wine considered for WTSO can contact us through our website. We purchase wine through a variety of methods. We have great relationships with several importers and agents throughout the world that present us with offers on a daily basis.

C: How does the selection process work to determine which wines will be sold on WTSO?

WTSO: Each wine is put through an extensive vetting process, where both the quality of the wine, as well as price, place, winemaker, as well as other factors are considered. We will feature any wine that meets our criteria.